Temporary Absence

Over the next two months, due to work commitments in far-away places, keeping up to date with current events will be difficult and my spare time will be very limited. Under these circumstances trying to compose something sensible, relevant, up to date and a mirror of my thoughts will be very difficult to do.

Therefore, I have decided that I will not post any new articles on my blog during this period.

This is only a temporary absence and should not be such a big loss, since it will finally give you, my faithful followers, a bit of a break (finally). Also, due to the pace of posting here, you may have missed one or two good articles or just skimmed quickly through some of them, due to pressure of time. Now you can go back at your leisure and catch up.

In addition, this is your chance to start wading through my grand opus, “The History of the European EMU“. For those of you with the courage and stamina to give it a go, I welcome any comments that you may have, either positive or negative.

hasta la vista


About Peter Smith

A "foot-soldier" in the wider Post Capitalism Movement. First task - keep spreading the words of change, hope & inspiration.
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