Mikis – Greece and we, her friends, need you

Birthday wishes and a fitting tribute to Mikis Theodorakis from Ariel Parker.

Happy Ninetieth

[28 July 2015]

We remember, Guy and I, our wondering joy at a concert in Paris, all those years ago, when your first grandson was born. You bowed from the podium, with the light of love and joy in your eyes.

mikisYou, a man who had been through hell, suffered prison, torture, banishment and exile, had survived to accomplish this most natural human destiny: you had become a grandfather.

Now you have turned ninety and the sense of wonderment returns.

All your achievements: the countless hours of immortal music, the writings – literary, theoretical, autobiographical, political –, the citizen’s commitment and tireless activism, the individual’s trials and troubles. Where have you always found, where do you continue to find the strength to assume it all unflinchingly?

We shake our heads in admiration and can only say: Thank you, dear Mikis, for your creativity, the wealth of beauty you have added to our lives. Thank you for your devotion to duty, the example you have always been to us all and continue to be.

You must never leave us, we need you too much – and Greece needs you most of all. Your beloved country, for which you suffer still, as she relives in the present an antique tragedy. The people, standing proud in their despair, raising their fists and crying out their defiant OXI! to the power-crazed gods of money, howling their rage and wreaking their pitiless vengeance.

Greece and we, her friends, need your old lion’s roar in our ears. We need to see your white mane and blazing eyes in the forefront of the struggle, wounded, yes, but still the perfect citizen, defending the cause with your inborn courage and integrity. We love you, Mikis Theodorakis, love you and need you.

Happy Ninetieth – and many more birthdays to come. Χρόνια πολλά.

Ariel, Guy, Claude, David, Suzette…..and all visitors of this homepage dedicated to you.”


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