Fixit or get a new one? – that is the question

Yesterday, I featured a very well written article by Yanis Varoufakis in which he presents a good argument why the British should vote to stay in the EU in the forthcoming Referendum on 23rd June.

In a strange twist of coincidence, Bill Mitchell published an article on his blog today titled

Finland would be better off outside the Eurozone

Bill’s article is as superbly written as Yanis’ is and both articles deal with the question: is it better to be in or out of the EU? This is the introduction to Bill’s article:

“Towards the end of last year, I wrote a blog – Finland should exit the euro. I had been undertaking some detailed research on the plight of this relatively small Eurozone nation for a number of reasons. First, it had recently undergone a major industrial decline as Nokia/Microsoft missed market trends and went from world leader to irrelevance. Second, Finland was a vocal proponent of the view that Greece should be pillaried into oblivion by the Troika – to ‘take their medicine’ (more crippling austerity). Third, the data trends were unambiguously pointing to Finland descending into the Eurozone ‘basket case’ category itself as its own conservative government imposed harsh fiscal austerity on the tiny, beleagured nation. Two things are clearer than ever about the Eurozone. First, it is a dysfunctional mess and efforts to reform it so far have only made matters worse. Second, any single nation (and all together) would be unambigously better off exiting the mess and restoring their own currency sovereignty and letting their exchange rate take up some of the adjustment. The following text covers an article that I have written for a Finnish Report coming out in May 2016 to be published by the Left Forum Finland, which is a coalition formed by the political party Left Alliance, the People’s Educational Association (KSL) and the Yrjö Sirola Foundation.”

Last year, I also wrote an article about Finland and its EU membership:

Fixit: if only we could!

It was being reported at the time that some concerned and, I must say, deeply committed citizens in Finland were pushing hard to get Finland to leave the EU/Euro (“Fixit”).


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