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Fixit or get a new one? – that is the question

Yesterday, I featured a very well written article by Yanis Varoufakis in which he presents a good argument why the British should vote to stay in the EU in the forthcoming Referendum on 23rd June. In a strange twist of … Continue reading

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Is Greece not another compelling reason to vote for Brexit on 23rd June?

Originally posted on Yanis Varoufakis:
Proponents of Brexit implore British voters to reclaim their democracy by voting to ‘leave’ the EU. On the day he announced his support for Brexit, Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor, based his announcement on the (correct,…

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Part 3 – Economic and Monetary Union: the Community takes shape

As Europe moved into the mid-1950’s, much had been achieved towards greater unity and peace in Western Europe, although there had been set-backs for the proponents of European integration and the move towards the creation of a European supranational community.

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Hello folks……I’m back (again)!

To continue the theme I started with a previous “return to blogging” post, I will give my opinion regarding some recent past events in my sphere of interest.

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