Temporary Absence

I was looking at all the posts that I have made on my blog and I must say, I was pretty impressed. If I had been a professional journalist instead of an engineer, I really would have been raking in the dosh.

As the saying goes…..in your dreams. Sigh!

I have had a lot of enjoyment these past months, putting together my posts. It has exercised my brain and I have learned a lot as well. What I have found to be especially enjoyable has been the interaction that I have had with a few of my readers, through the comments section. In many cases, our opinions have differed, but it has forced me to dig deep to be able to respond in a meaningful way that furthered the debate, or at least helped me to expand my understanding and knowledge.

Over the next two months, due to certain work commitments, I will be not be able to post any articles on my blog.

This is only a temporary absence and should not be such a big loss, since it will finally give you, my faithful followers, a bit of a break (finally). Also, due to the pace of posting here, you may have missed one or two good articles or just skimmed quickly through some them, due to pressure of time. Now you can go back at your leisure and catch up.

As a well known politician called Arnie S. once remarked (he from the Austrian School of Economics or is it the Austrian School of Bodybuilding?…….I always get these two mixed up!)…………….I’ll be back!

hasta la vista


About Peter Smith

A "foot-soldier" in the wider Post Capitalism Movement. First task - keep spreading the words of change, hope & inspiration.
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