Time-Out is Over

Wake up folks! The time-out is over.

After Tsipras agreed to the third Troika bailout, I know a lot of you all thought that the intrigue and drama of the Greek crisis was all over, at least for a while.

If the events of the past seven months could be compressed into a much shorter time, it would be the basis of a good movie script. But this is not a movie!

This is real life, with real life people suffering, every day. While the economists and politicians play their games, the Greek people are suffering. I just hope that they can still find some energy to do what needs to be done……….elect a true leader to lead them out of this mess!

And that is where we, the simple bloggers of the internet, come into the picture.

Dust off all of your Grexit plans, sharpen your pencils and fill up the coffee machines. All of those ideas that were being splashed across the internet every day during the early part of this year and the enthusiasm to find alternatives and the encouragement to the people not to give up and keep on fighting……….all of these things, we have to rekindle the spirit!

The choice facing the Greeks, and indeed the Europeans who also have everything to gain and to lose, is now very simple. It is probably now or never. As usual, some politicians will try to muddy the waters, trying to confuse and delude the voters with all sorts of convoluted manoeuvring and tactics. And that is to be expected, after all they are politicians.

But, if the wider-spread and concerned observers continue to expose the nonsense for what it is, then maybe, just maybe, the majority of the Greeks will see and understand what has to be done. Not only for themselves, but for the future of their children too.


About Peter Smith

A "foot-soldier" in the wider Post Capitalism Movement. First task - keep spreading the words of change, hope & inspiration.
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