Stop Press: ATM’s in Madrid dispense Drachma notes

Well, not quite.

But it would have been wonderful if it was real.

Thanks to “Luzinterruptus” for allowing me to republish this story here.

Automated Electoral Colleges

The political events in Greece are following one another at a mesmerizing speed. It looks like the Greeks have very little control over the representatives that allegedly rule them. Nothing new under the sun, anyway…

We, at a distance, were so elated at the landslide of the OXI at the referendum against the austerity measures demanded by Europe; we saw this not just as a way of consolidating popular sovereignty, but also as a tiny chink through which the long-awaited change would finally sneak into Spain.

That’s why we decided to take to the streets to celebrate with our lights, humor, voting ballots and drachmas. We wanted to celebrate the chance that ATMs in Greece could have their very own currency flowing out of them, a currency that would lie outside the malign influence of the Eurogroup.

We managed to convert 7 ATMs in downtown Madrid with minimum work; we turned them into referendum ballot boxes which, once a negative vote was deposited, drachmas were fired out.

However, as the saying goes: “poco dura la felicidad en la casa del pobre” (“joy is short-lived in the house of the poor”). Next day, this action stopped making any sense as the Government has finally signed and sadly ratified, in Parliament, an agreement that shall force the Greek people to sacrifice themselves so ATMs, the big protagonists of this story, go back to dispensing euros, no matter how lethal these are…

In any case, the deed is done and maybe it will make sense again in a not too faraway future. In the meantime, we want to show all our respect to the Greek people.

We really want to thank our friends Alex, Bernhard and Blu Blu, for helping us out with this action, and L. Martínez for her wonderful photos.

Time of installation: 2 hours
Damages: none.
Exhibition time: 8 hours?????


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