Stop Press: Varoufakis may not be finished yet

An article was published on the NakedCapitalism website today, Greece’s Drachma Drama: Why Planning Is Too Important to be Left to Economists, written by Lambert Strether. My attention was drawn to two interesting comments in which two important points were made:

  • The first point concerned the mainstream media in Greece.
  • The second point concerned Yanis Varoufakis.

“Link July 26, 2015 at 9:38 am

…….regarding Kathimerini, they report differently in English and in Greek. In Greek edition, Kathimerini very often uses provocative, propagandizing and scaremongering language in titles and text but in the English version it translates into very moderate articles leaving outside any of the aforementioned characteristics. As an aside, Kathimerini is owned by one of the very known Greek oligarchs, named Alafouzos who is very active in the media and shipping sector among others.”

“philippe kieffer July 26, 2015 at 12:19 pm

I am half greek, fluent in Greek and have been watching and reading the greek media for a while. I’ve been in Athens for the past 2 weeks and I can tell you the conventional media are running a proper witch hunt against Varoufakis (Skai in particular). He is either being scapegoated to divert the attention from the terms of the new bailout or because (IMHO) the old political parties view him as a major threat (he is rumoured to start a new party nationally or at the european level)…Sadly the level of debate in Greece is so abysmal that unsubstantiated mud throwing wins elections…

PS: Kathimerini used to be serious newspaper until it was sold to the current owner. Its really a rag now…like the FT (I read it for 20 years like everyone in WS and the City)”

Well! Well! Well! Very interesting developments indeed.


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3 Responses to Stop Press: Varoufakis may not be finished yet

  1. eurogate101 says:

    Oligarchic media power is a problem in Greece and Germany.

    But private TV stations and papers will always represent oligarchic interest, and they brainwash the people. It needed 5 years of almost continual economic decline in Greece before an anti-establishment party was ready to take power, so people in the end ignore the powerful media groups.

    In Germany the press support the current government line, no matter how catastrophic. that is a real problem as they could almost be just another part of the government, the PR side.

    That is bad, but good for bloggers, as nobody would read blogs if the press would really hold the government to account or present a really balanced view of the arguments. Which is really what they should do.


    • Absolutely! Except, maybe, for one thing. The power of the internet has now added a new dimension to democracy.
      Once, every three or four years, the electorate vote with their hearts and that is it until the next election.
      Now, as often as they wish, the voters can vote with their fingers. And they can change their minds as often as they wish. Blogging may not change governments but it will create a momentum of public opinion that politicians will find increasingly difficult to ignore.
      The world did not credit the Greeks with much political & economic savvy before 2015 started. However, events have proved that the world was wrong. Somehow the average Greeks-in-the-street understood very well about the issues that faced them, largely ignoring what the mainstream media and the so-called “economic experts” presented to them. This is to their absolute credit and the Referendum proved this fact. I must therefore presume that they were able to get this alternative perspective from the internet.
      Bear in mind that a professional journalist has to eat & pay the rent. Therefore and maybe understandably, the mainstream media will probably always chase the money first, before they chase the real truth. The bottom line………keep on blogging!


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